Frozen Thoughts

Someone once told me,
"Memories can be preserved
when frozen in the cold."

Night long winter
in prickling cold,
I will leave a window open

In a sigh frozen in solitude,
frost pattern in the wind.
Amidst them gray patterns
your eyes I see.

I gently caress my tingling fingertips
Looking over the campus in distance
Covered with the coldest snow.

The warm emotion
carefully wrapped the memory
On a slowly floating snowflake
I gently place...

I conceal this frozen memory
Delicately in the warmest corner
of my heart,
Until the day you be mine.

When the warmth of love
melts the snow,
On the snow 
I will keep them back
over and over again..

Now that 
I deeply feel
"Memories are well preserved Frozen",
With my love, 
I will place another memory
on a beautiful snowflake.

--Thank you Wathmi and Shavinki for the translation!! 


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